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Loans for SME

We are a business loan consultancy. We focus on assist SME, SMI enterpreneurs to arrange for credit facilities from the banks. Our management team consists of ex-bankers and lawyers.

Credit Guarantee Corporation

CGC is an acronym for Credit Guarantee Corporation. CGC was established with the objective to assist Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) without or with inadequate collateral to access credit facilities from financial institutions. Participating banks include Malayan Banking Berhad, RHB Bank Berhad, AmBank Berhad, CIMB Bank Berhad, EON Bank Berhad, Affin Bank Berhad and OCBC.

CGC offers many schemes for Malaysian owned and controlled private limited companies registered under the Companies Act 1965 including franchise, islamic product related businesses, start-up businesses (operation less than a year) and small entrepreneurs . All these schemes are only eligible for companies that fall within the definition of SME ( For details please click SME definition )

Small and Medium Industries Development Corporation (SMIDEC)

SMIDEC implements, co-ordinates and monitors financial assistance provided to SMEs in the form of Matching Grant (MG) and Soft Loan (SL). MG offers assistance in the form of matching grant where 50% of the approved project cost is borne by the Government and the remainder by the applicant. SL offers assistance to SMEs in modernizing and automating their operations as well as working capital and is applicable to both start-ups and existing companies. SMEs seeking MG or SF must satisfy the following qualifying criteria:

  • Companies incorporated under the Companies Act 1965 OR enterprises incorporated under the Registration of Business Ordinance 1956
  • Fulfill definition of SMEs
  • At least 60% equity held by Malaysian
  • Possess valid business license

Documents Needed For Loan Application

Sendirian Berhad Company:

  • A copy of Form 9
  • Latest 6 months bank statements from all banks
  • Annual Report / Audit Report
  • Latest Management Account ( if available )

Partnership & Sole Proprietor Company:

  • A copy of the Business Registration
  • Latest 6 months bank statements from all banks
  • Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account


  • No blacklist (CTOS) and CCRIS
  • Must have premise (office/shop/factory)

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